Monday, November 2, 2015

Back for the 100th time...

Here I am...again.  writing yet another "I'm back" post.  

I know what you all must be thinking... I am the most inconsistent blogger...ever.  

But! Let me tell you why I've started this again. For many reasons have influenced this. One of the major roles being that I have finally moved!  After much back and forth, an opportunity came up that I knew I had to jump on. It was a sign I knew God had given me. It had lined up too perfectly to not take the chance.

The jist of what happened is that I had been looking for a place to move into and wasn't finding anything pretty immediate. Then my two highschool friends reached out to me asking if I could stay at their place for a couple months to help with rent while one of them left for a while.

It worked out perfectly. Not only do I have a temporary place, but I get to share it with a friend. 

With this grand move, I feel a whole new sense for adventure and just a fresh start. I'm not only hoping to pick up my blogging again, but I've got my camera ready as well. 

Im going to try and involve a lot more photography with my blog posts. 

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