Thursday, November 12, 2015

20 Facts About Me

Look at this!  Another post!  I bet I surprised you all. 

Well I have decided to help kickstart this blog and get the ball rolling with a 31 day blogging challenge.  I did my first post last week with my intro to me getting back on here.  NOW... it's time to get to know me a bit.  Below I have listed 20 facts about me.


1. I am part Italian.

2. I love to cook (especially Asian and Italian cuisine).

3. I have one tattoo.  A smallish cross on my back.

4. I love whiskey and rum. 

5. I can listen to almost all music, it just depends on my mood.  But I am mostly a country and hip hop kind of girl. 

6. I'm very much into photography as well as other mediums such as painting and drawing.

7.  I used to play piano and cello.

8.  I have pretty much never traveled.  I have only been as far North as Canada and as far South as Chicago. Keep in mind... I live in Michigan.

9. But I do have plans to change that and I hope to  travel and see the world before I settle down.

10.  Along with cooking, I love planning get togethers and hostessing.  I find celebration in every little thing.

11.  I'm secretly a fan of Kdramas....well I guess no longer a secret now..

12. I'm a hopeless romantic..

13.  I pretty much like cats and dogs equally.  (I have no pets as of now.)

14.  I love taking day roadtrips and not knowing where I'm going.  I enjoy random adventures.

15.  But I do also enjoy staying in, eating chinese and binge watching tv shows all day.

16. I love tea AND coffee.

17.  I feel like I can always relate to Demi Lovato.

18.  I am obsessed with the movie Frozen.  I could watch it on repeat and sing every song to you.

19.  White wine.  Almost always. 

20.  I sleep with socks on and a window cracked open or a fan on low. 

I feel like some of these facts are very random, but I just felt I should write whatever came to my mind.  (Do you know how hard it was to come up with them??  After the third one, I was clueless).

This post was fun to type up and I hope you enjoy reading it!

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