Monday, January 19, 2015

Taking My Diet One Month At A Time

A few days ago I came across this photo on my facebook page that someone had posted. It was a picture of a girls abdomen all slimmed and toned with the words reading across it "Pick a food and I won't eat it for a month".

I started thinking to myself that this would actually be a great idea. Get my friends and family involved in my motivation for fitness.

So I clicked Share and posted it to my page with the following rules posted above the image.

1. I will give everyone until tomorrow, Wednesday at noon to list a food that I will give up for a month.

2. If its a food that I believe to be a necessity in my diet like chicken,, water, greens I won't consider it. I want things that are not nutritious or beneficial to my health.

3. I will only take one answer from each of you.

4. I will poll all the answers tomorrow after they are collected and draw three from the magical hat and post on facebook what three foods I am giving up for the month.

Once posted I slowly got some family and friends to comment a food item, even some who were just aquitances left a comment. It was nice to hear from these folks as well. Some friends didnt take it so seriously and posted things like water, lemon juice, kfc breading, and canned sponge cakes. I have no idea what they were thinking but I didn't put that nonsense into my magical hat.

Noon came the next day and I wrote all my choices down on individual pieces of paper and put them into a stand up paper bag. Then I drew out three pieces of paper reading



*crackers and cheese

I know the crackers and cheese one would technically be two different foods but I basically am just reading it as no cheese and leaving the cracker part underneath bread.

After I chose these three foods I went grocery shopping. YAY! My fridge was pretty much empty so I did some stocking up on rice, spices, frozen veggies, eggs, fruits and salad stuff. So far all my meals have been pretty simple and very yummy. And in the past couple of days I'll admit I dont feel bloated anymore. I think I'm on a good start and can't wait to hopefully see some results from this.

I also decided that if worse comes to worse I would make gluten free bread with flour made from almonds or quinoa. yum yum. I even plan on making lettuce wraps. That means no tortilla, just veggies. I think this will be very beneficial and help with my carb intake. I cant take so many in if I'm not burning that much every day. Otherwise... Der you gain weight. Me and my pudginess... In fact I was looking at photos of me from my senior year and I am so envious. I used to be so skinny and I can't believe that I used to think I was fat then. Im crazy, but you all probably already knew that.

One last thing before I go, I also decided that if this is successful and I do see good results from this challenge I plan on trying it again every month or just continuing down this path of no pasta and bread. But possibly reintroducing cheese back into my diet and interchanging it for something else.  I really suggest you guys give this a try and maybe make it more challenging by doing it with a friend.  Besides possibly weight loss or living a healthier life style it could help you to discover new foods and recipes that you may find enjoying.  Give it a shot and let me know how things go.

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